Sunday, May 21, 2017

ES File Explorer - Download, old version & alternative

With the ES file explorer (ES File Explorer) you can copy, paste, cut out files on your Android smartphone and tablet etc. Meanwhile, the app annoyed many users because it offers not only the file management but also many additional features with advertising. We show you how to install the old ES file explorer and what alternative it is.

ES File Explorer - Download

Users who have installed many different applications on their Android device and also store lots of images, videos, and music on their device will appreciate a full-featured file explorer. Is ES Explorer (even today) the right choice? We also show you how to install the old ES file explorer without advertising and additional tools and what alternative is possible.

ES File Explorer: THE file manager for Android?

The app ES file explorer was then with the best free and especially ad-free Dateimanager for Android and reached in the play store top ratings of 4 or 5 stars. The app does not only master the basic functions of a file and program manager, but also offers a lot of extras like gesture control as well as a smart and clear design. Meanwhile, this looks different.

This is how the ES file explorer looked earlier: clear and slim.
So the ES file explorer looked earlier: clear and slim.

ES File Explorer: Features at a glance

  • Copy / cut / move files
  • Thumbnails of images and APK files
  • Multiple selection of files
  • Management of text documents
  • Applications / apps
  • Searching for APK files, pictures and more
  • Manage ZIP / RAR archives
  • Access to an FTP server
  • Access to a PC (USB or WiFi)
  • Access to paired Bluetooth devices
  • Support for Dropbox, Google Drive, and more.
  • Integrated Task Manager
  • Integrated multimedia player
  • Root Explorer
  • Programmable gesture control
  • Critical to the ES file explorer: More and more additional functions

Meanwhile, the ES file explorer looks very different than before. While the developers had previously concentrated on the functions as a file manager until version, new versions have more and more additional functions, including ad-like ads. Also the surface is no longer as tidy as before and is sometimes quite overcharged. Correspondingly, the App ratings in the Play Store have also suffered.

If you want to install the old ES file explorer, do the following:

Opens the APKmirror page.
Go there for version or earlier and download the corresponding APK file to the smartphone / tablet.
Installs the APK file.
Disables the automatic updates in the Play Store and in the app itself (update settings).
Note: This does not install any updates. In some circumstances, the app is no longer safe or no longer works properly.

ES File Explorer: Alternative

As an alternative to the ES file explorer, I recommend Solid Explorer. I use it on my smartphone and I find it now better than the ES file explorer. The first days you can try the Solid Explorer for free, then it costs 0.50 to 1.99 euros. That was worth the app however.
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