Monday, May 8, 2017

Lidl headphones: Sony MDR-ZX310 from today for 17.99 € on offer

Technology products of noteworthy brands are found at the food discounter Lidl rather rarely. But from today on there is a Sony headphones * in the assortment - for just 17.99 euros. But there is a catch.

Lidl headphones: Sony MDR-ZX310 from today for 17.99 € on offer
Sony MDR-ZX310 for € 17.99 at Lidl Online

Since today, Lidl has the MDR-ZX310 over-ear headphones from Sony for a favorable price of 17.99 euros *. In the first moment, this sounds like a good deal, especially since the EIA at 24.99 euros is well above the promotional price. Anyone who already makes the weekday shopping anyway, can take this bargain straight away. But beware, because that is not the case.

Sony MDR-ZX310 for € 17.99 in the Lidl Online Shop *

Lidl sells the lifestyle headphones namely exclusively online and there is still a shipping cost package of 4.95 euros, which corresponds with a purchase value of 17.99 euros a surcharge of a full 28 percent. The shipping costs can be saved once you register for the Lidl newsletter, but only if the order exceeds a minimum purchase price of 50 euros. This narrows the offer clearly and we therefore advise you to look elsewhere.

Instead of 22.94 euros, which cost the headphones at Lidl online including shipping, the Sony MDR-ZX310 is available at other dealers for under 20 euros:

At Amazon, Prime customers pay 19.99 euros including shipping * for the Sony MDR-ZX310, which is also a long-life burner in the top 10 headphones of the shipping giant. In view of the low price, you can not expect to see the depth and depth of the bass, but the reviews give a very positive picture of the lifestyle headphone, which is also available in four trendy metallic colors.

Headphone guide in the video
Aldi as a model: technology at discounter prices

Aldi has been doing it for years and regularly offers branded technology at discounter prices. The most famous example of this is probably the Aldi mobile phone: Whether Samsung, Sony, Huawei or HTC - the number 1 among the low-priced supermarkets, they had all at least once in the offer. Even the iPhone 6 Plus landed last month between ready-made soups and 29-cent plastic bottles in the cardboard shelves.
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