Monday, May 21, 2018

Microsoft To-Do: Tasks App

With Microsoft To-Do, there is another tasks app in the app stores. Will anyone want to load up, in the face of the numerous alternatives? Well, listen up: it is officially Microsoft and unofficially by the developers of Wunderlist.

Microsoft To-Do: Tasks App presented

Sorting tasks in lists and synchronization between devices is the core task of Microsoft To-Do. Microsoft calls it "preview", because some central components, as they are already known by Wunderlist, are to be submitted in the next months. This includes, for example, the ability to share lists.

The already available To-Do features are:

  • Create task lists, enter tasks and check off,
  • Specify the due date,
  • Add memories,
  • Set repetitions.

In addition to the list views, there is a daily overview, in which the dates running on the respective day are displayed. The light bulb symbol allows quick assignment of tasks already assigned to the day tasks.

Smart and clear: Microsoft To-Do
The inspiration of Wunderlist is clear in the basic structure (which of course many apps offer so) and small details. For example, when you create tasks, the "Next" button in the keyboard (at least under iOS), with which you can enter another task immediately, is practical.

Microsoft wants to integrate the app into Microsoft Office, especially to the Outlook tasks. Customers can expect encrypted data exchange
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