Sunday, May 7, 2017

Minicraft Game Information

The 3D block game Minecraft is the surprise hit of the past few years. The small video game has developed into an impressive mass phenomenon. The surprise hit of the year 2009 did not come, as one might expect, from one of the Mega Seller games.

Minecraft comes from the pen of a Swedish developer named Markus "Notch" Persson. The idea is quite simple: You have a normal performance before you, where you can remove blocks and place somewhere else. The game principle is simple, but now has more than 72 million people. So many copies have been sold so far by Minecraft. In addition, Minecraft is now available for almost every platform. Started with the PC, the game is now also available on the smartphone or the Wii U.

Minecraft is a mixture of build-up and survival game, to which since the adventure update also a proper proportion of rolling elements have been added. The player decides how he wants to play: build houses, cities or entire structures or experience adventure in the pixel world. Depending on the mode, it is necessary to sleep, eat, and fight various monsters. Also, for sedentary minecrafter animals can be kept and crops are grown, traps are built for nightly monster assaults, and more.

In general, the crafting aspect in Minecraft plays a huge role. So at the beginning of a game you are completely unarmed and without any equipment and you have to cut trees with your bare hands for your first resources. This is followed by mosses, from which, with some stones, the first crude tools. Minecraft is one of the most successful video games in the world. On mobile devices with iOS or Android as well as Macs and PCs with Windows 10, there are versions. The team even developed their game on consoles like the Wii U and the Windows Phone. See the following sections for more information about Minecraft and its updates.
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