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My Boy GBA Emulator APK Paid Version Free Download

My Boy GBA Emulator APK 

With a My Boy GBA Emulator for Android, you can play your favorite games from Nintendo's cult handheld gameboy as ROMs on your Android device. My Boy GBA Emulator are now available. One of the best of its kind is called My Boy GBA Emulator Color A.D - we will also show you how to play GBA titles with the gameboy emulator for smartphones and tablets.

The portable 8-bit game console My Boy GBA Emulator appeared for the first time in 1989 and is still one of the most sold game machines ever. Even after more than 25 years, the My Boy GBA Emulator lives in the hearts of the players - who played Super Mario Land, Zelda, Tetris and co., Is today however grown up and possesses in most cases a smartphone. What is closer than a My Boy GBA Emulator emulator for Android? Practically there is just that - not only for the original My Boy GBA Emulator, but also for his successors.

An emulator for My Boy GBA Emulator and My Boy GBA Emulator Color games, which runs cleanly and without jerks and is also free of charge? This sounds almost too good to be true. But this is exactly what GameBoy Color A.D.

The small emulator is not even 800 kb, of course you still need so-called My Boy GBA Emulator ROMs, so the actual games, so you can really get started. The games themselves occupy very little space, in part the games are less than 100 kb, other (My Boy GBA EmulatorColor) games have a size of about 1 MB. As little space as the emulator on your Android smartphone / tablet, so simple is it also built. After the installation (the link is below), you can navigate directly to your folder where you put your My Boy GBA Emulator (Color) ROMS.

If you have not installed any games, you can use an integrated search to search the net for such games. To do this, press the menu button of your device in the selection menu for the ROMs and then select "Search for ROMs".
After you have selected an installed ROM, the emulator starts automatically. Here you can also press the menu button of your device to make some settings on the emulator or to access a few other functions of the program (for example, you can store or load a game, fast-forward, activate cheats, create a screenshot Or end the emulator). In the "Settings" you can make the audio, video, input and other settings.

(In order not to install the emulator from the Play Store, you have to allow the installation of unknown sources to tell you exactly how this works).

By the way: If the digital control fails, it can easily connect a Bluetooth controller to its Android device, then use real hardware buttons.

My Boy GBA Emulator for Android: My Boy! For GBA games

You've played through your entire My Boy GBA Emulator games library and are looking for supplies for your Android device? Then you should be My Boy! Once - this is a free My Boy GBA EmulatorMy Boy GBA Emulator emulator that emulates GBA games on Android smartphones.

My Boy! Is currently one of the best - if not the best - GBA emulator for Android. The speed is absolutely fluid, almost all games are supported and the app runs on every conceivable device: from the beginner's smartphone to the high-end Phablet. The only significant limitation: in the free version you can only store in the in-game menu, so only if you can also save in the real game. With the paid version you get access to the Quick-Save (Quick-Load-Feature - so you can save at any time, for example, directly before the annoying boss fight.

Other highlights:

  • Speed ​​up the game up to 16 times faster
  • Input of cheats and hacks possible (Gameshark, Action Replay etc.)
  • Videofilter to adjust the image
  • BIOS is also emulated
  • Support the link cable

With both emulators, of course, no games are included - so you still need the respective games as a ROM image. If you do not know exactly what to play, we will also show you the Top 10 My Boy GBA Emulator games in our themed special, which will surely be nostalgic. Read also where you can download Tetris music.

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