Monday, May 8, 2017

Paradise Bay

Paradise Bay is the latest app hit by the King, which was also responsible for the Candy Crush saga and other time-consuming devices on the smartphone and tablet. In Paradise Bay, you have to create and run your own island similar to the Anno series.

Paradise Bay understands itself as a construction simulation. Anyone who already knows SimCity, Farmville and Co. will also have fun with the game app. The download link will take you to the Paradise Bay download on the Google Play Store. IPad and iPhone owners will also find the game in the in-house app store at iTunes.

At the beginning of the game, you are on an idyllic but still deserted island. Gradually, you will have to build up the infrastructure of the island and, for example, stamping production sites for raw materials such as cotton from the ground. The raw materials can in turn be recycled into other materials so that the economy on the island gradually grows and thrives.

The game principle leans heavily to Farmville. Instead of vegetables, you planted coffee and fruit. In addition, you are responsible for the satisfaction of your islanders.

The game is accompanied by a harmonious island music scene. Just as with Candy Crush Saga, Hay Day and Co., Paradise Bay is a free "Free To Play" game. Whoever wants to, can thus help his playful luck by using real money. The in-app purchases are primarily intended to shorten the known waiting period, eg when a certain raw material is mined or when a building is being built.

To celebrate the release of Paradise Bay for Android, the makers of King Digital Entertainment have installed the world's largest hammock in Liberty State Park, New Jersey. At least for the hammock, the entry into the Guinness Book of Records has been picked up.
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