Thursday, May 25, 2017

PicsArt - PhotoStudio: One of the best image editing apps for Android

Anyone who owns a current smartphone can communicate not only with other people, but can also take wonderful pictures and edit them directly on the device. One of the best apps for this purpose from the Play Store is called PicsArt - PhotoStudio. But what can it do and how does PicsArt work?

Smartphones are normally already equipped with a simple image processing program, but the functionality is usually rather small. If you would like to get more from his pictures, but luckily finds in the Play Store still a lot of additional apps, more functions and which are also free.

PicsArt - Photo Studio: The features

PicsArt - PhotoStudio
PicsArt is basically much more than "just" an image processing program, because it also focuses on a large community of photo-creators and friends with whom their own pictures can be shared. But what else does PicsArt actually offer anything else that the app is so popular?


PicsArt filters and functions

The PicsArt app is free and provides a wealth of practical tools for hobby photographers. The most important functions at a glance:
  • Free image processing
  • Collages can be created with the help of various photorasters or free.
  • The app is divided into different areas, which in turn offer numerous functions. These area are: PicsArt Effect, PicsArt Collage, PicsArt Drawing, PicsArt Camera and PicsArt Photo.
  • You can insert speech bubbles and texts in the photos.
  • Of course, basic options such as brightness, contrast, and other corrections are included.
  • Your photos can be edited with masks, picture frames, stickers, text effects and boxes, clipart, color settings, screen effects, stencils and much more.
  • Among the most important functions are the red eye remover and the other correction tools for the face, with which you can soften or blemish remove.
  • Numerous effects and filters are available. These include blur, artistic, oil paintings, pop art, distort, colors, and corrections, all of which are equipped with numerous templates.
  • You can crop, rotate, and adjust images with other tools. New is the stretch effect, with which images can be distorted.
  • Thanks to the PicsArt Artist network, you can share your pictures with a large community, and you can also send your pictures directly from the app via SMS, W-Mail etc.
  • Creation of own galleries.
  • Weekly photo contests (also available through the official website). If you want to participate, you can submit your photos of the week with the hashtag: #wapSketchPortrait.
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