Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Pokeland Legends Apk Download For Android

Pokeland Legends Apk Download

Download Pokeland Legends APK it is an Adventure Game for Smartphone or Tablet, Download it for nothing in our site.  Download full Pokeland Legend APK  game from below. This game is adventurous and playing this game takes you to your childhood fantasy of pokeland legends. This game is very popular across internet. This game has very amazing graphics quality and without any bugs.  This game bring you real pokemons matches you can capture your favourite pokemons and make them fight. All pokemons have there unique powers which bring curiorsity to the game. You have to find your pokemon and you will also be able to capture them. With captured pokemon you can train them to win battles against your oponents pokemon and with good skills you can surely win pokeland legends matches.

Pokeland legends is strategic genre game in this game for wining you need to have best strategies against your opponents.

Welcome to the puzzling Monster arrive! This enchantment land is under the shadow of a ghastly scheme now. Will you be the warrior to thrashing dim powers and protect cute creatures? Time to amass your group and call your companions. There are more than 1,000 beasts incorporated into Pokeland Legends, and the great plot will most likely review your memory. Download and Play it FREE!
pokeland legends apk

Pokeland Legend Features: 

– Brand-new CAG diversion, gives you an alternate affair;

– Vivid 3D pictures;

– 1,000+ beasts. Assemble your extraordinary group;

– Daily missions, beast myst, safari, world BOSS… Huge assortment of gameplay;

– Various aptitude combo and development;

– Raise group control through apparatuses, identifications and titles;

– Prove yourself at different PVP stages;

– Strategy: characteristic controlling, overcome adversaries with the best lineup!

– Join with a huge number of different players. Manufacture the most grounded organization!
Speedy Access for the new content~

1,New Monster!!! (Could u figure which one will be caught?!)

2,New framework: Charm Statue.

3,Add Attribute help for creature gathering

4,Monster Inherit System

5,Bug Fixed (Include the climate bug)

6,Functions for accommodation

7,System Optimation

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Pokeland Legends Apk Download
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