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Pushbullet: Data Exchange between Smartphone and PC (Download)

Pushbullet is a great app for data exchange between smartphones and smartphones and the PC. You can send notes, links, pictures, files as well as notifications back and forth - all instantly via push notifications and also to friends.

Pushbullet - easy data exchange

Pushbullet is a handy little app that should not be missing on any Android smartphone. This has the simple reason that the app is incredibly handy. You can send messages, links, files, lists, addresses and files from the computer to your smartphone - or vice versa. PushBullet is all that Chrome to Phone always wanted to be but never was.

PushBullet has a Play Store rating of 4.6 stars - and in my opinion, perfectly synonymous. Not only is the idea great, the implementation is in no way inferior. Because the developers keep exactly to the design guidelines of Google and errors we have not found so far.

The app is available for Android, as a Chrome and Firefox extension, and as a Windows version in the beta. The download can be found below or on the right (Windows client)

These formats can be sent to another smartphone or the PC.
These formats can be sent to another smartphone or the PC.
Data exchange between smartphones (Android and iOS) and PCs

Who does not know the problem. One has opened a website on the PCs and would like to see them on the smartphone or you would like to get a photo of the smartphone on the laptop. Normally this can be really annoying. Do I send an e-mail to myself? Can I connect the mobile device to the PC via USB cable? And how do I get the fastest text from the intermediate memory on the smartphone? With Pushbullet it is fortunately all much easier - since recently also with iPhone no more problem.

The whole thing is so convenient, because there is still no good way for Android to transfer texts or files quickly from the PC to the smartphone or vice versa. With PushBullet this is finally child's play. If the notification has arrived on the mobile phone, you can choose in the notification bar whether you want to share it with friends (for example via WhatsApp) or copy it to the cache. From the smartphone, you can send texts and files via the pushbullet app or the Android parts menu.

With Pushbullet you can send not only files and texts back and forth. Smartphone notifications can also be displayed directly in the browser. So you do not miss a call because you do not hear the phone. Meanwhile you can even answer SMS from the PC. With an additional plugin (Quick Reply for pushbullet) you can even answer WhatsApp messages from the PC.

How Pushbullet works

After you have selected what you want to send in the smartphone or the browser, just click on Push it! And will immediately receive the notification on the selected device. This is how it looks when you have received a notification on the smartphone:

Here you can still select whether you want to copy a text or link to the clipboard (which happens anyway, if you configure it in your settings) or directly with other programs, like WhatsApp.

Especially useful on the PC: You can right-click on links, selected texts or images, and select Pushbullet. The text or the file is already sent to the desired device. Also in Android Pushbullet is well integrated: If you click on parts, you can always choose Pushbullet.

Downloading files from the PC is not 100% practical, as you have to go to the PushBullet website. The files are then stored directly in the download folder of the smartphone.

However, there is also a Windows client. This makes it easier to send files to the smartphone and - this is really my personal hit - sync directly to the temporary memory of the PC and smartphone. Simply mark and copy something on the PC and you can immediately insert it on the Smartphone into a text field of choice. Update: Universal copying now works with Chrome and Firefox apps.

Data exchange with friends

Pushbullet not only allows you to send files and texts to your own devices, you can also push them to friends. To do this, simply add them as contacts in the pushbullet app:

It is thus possible to send messages, addresses, files, etc. to friends who have been invited before. These must have installed their own pushbullet and accept the invitation, of course, before Na
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