Thursday, May 10, 2018

Samsung: McAfee security software for the Galaxy S8, Smart TVs and PCs is preinstalled

Samsung and McAfee have strengthened their partnership, so that McAfee security software is now pre-installed on the Galaxy S8, Smart TVs and South Korean PCs. McAfee VirusScan is also available for older Galaxy smartphones to download.

The US security company McAfee has announced that the previous partnership with Samsung is significantly expanded. Since April 2017, the Galaxy S8 is delivered with the McAfee VirusScan anti-malware technology to prevent access to the high-end smartphone. Networked devices, such as smartphones, contain the most personal information that is partially unprotected. The biggest concern of smartphone users is according to a study by McAfee that financial information can be stolen. The second concern is to be spied on a networked device. Samsung wants to counteract this with the cooperation with McAfee.

Samsung and McAfee, however, limit the security software to the Galaxy S8, where the app is pre-installed, but also offer the owners free of charge the Galaxy S7, Galaxy S7 edge, Galaxy S6, Galaxy S6 edge and Galaxy Note 5.

McAfee software for PCs and Smart TVs

All new Samsung PCs will be delivered with McAfee LiveSafe in the future. The use is only free in the first 60 days. Afterwards special offers for Samsung customers are to be made available. McAfee Security will also be used on Samsung Smart TVs. So far, this is only the case in the USA and South Korea, however, the cooperation is to be extended to other countries in a timely manner, in order to offer more security in the networked TV sets. The networked TVs have already been the target of attacks in the past.
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