Sunday, May 28, 2017

Speakster App

Speakster is a social network for voice messages. Instead of writing down your thoughts in writing and sharing them with friends, groups, or the community, you simply tell what's up to you.

So that people at a community post know what the topic of your voice message is, you can provide these with appropriate hashtags. Gerade for  speech is the social network once a change to the otherwise strongly text-focused everyday life on the Internet. The app for Android (from 4.4) and iOS (from 8.0) is available free of charge in the respective App Store.

Speakster Features :

  • Share your voice messages with your friends or the entire Speakster community
  • Hashtag feature to determine the topic of your voice message
  • To assign specific Speakster users to your voice message, you can highlight them
  • Level system: The higher your Speakster level, the longer the maximum voice mail
  • Spoken bio: Your profile can also be discussed
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