Thursday, June 1, 2017

Crossy Road

Do you still know Frogger, in which you had to lead a small frog over heavily frequented streets without ending as a red spot on the asphalt? With Crossy Road the game principle of the Endless Arcade Hoppers finally comes to Android for the Play Store.

How can we explain this? In an isometric representation, ducks, fish, cricket players, unicorns, cats and a host of other curious characters are driven through the most traffic-laden area of ​​a fantastic country, avoiding various obstacles.

In addition to the evasion of cars, trucks, trains and other vehicles, Crossy Road has to come across rivers, collect power-ups and escape the attacks of hungry bald eagles.
Crossy Road: Platsch! Dead…
Perhaps the endless, repetitive gameplay is not particularly challenging, but the brightly colorful, exhilarated Crossy Road is a cult guarantee, hit-candidate and above all a search game par excellence.

Crossy Road: Hopper with addiction potential

It was not for nothing that Crossy Road, which already appeared for iOS in 2014, was awarded several prizes. The slanting graphic style is the charm of the Arcade Hopper, which is beautifully shrill and intrusive.

The game is controlled by moving your chosen character forward, backwards and sideways, trying to escape the obstacles. The developers at Hipster Whale however also have some nasty moments thought that you should not wait long on one of the different death animation.

Crossy Road is completely free, but offers in-app purchases.

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