Friday, November 3, 2017

PDF To Word Converter

With the small office tool PDF to Word Converter , PDF documents can be converted back to Word format and then edited.
The Free PDF to Word Converter Download is in itself a self-explanatory program: The converter converts PDF documents into writable and re-editable Word text files and is also completely free.

While most programs now have the ability to convert Word texts to PDFs - such as OpenOffice or LibreOffice - translating in the other direction is often a more difficult process. With the PDF to Word Converter Download, you can do this step in no time at all without having to lose any of the lyrics.
The free trial version enables the conversion of commercially available PDF files into DOCX documents. Those who opt for the full 30 Euro version will also be able to choose from five other output formats, including Excel XLSX format, PPTX or EPUB PowerPoint format for the most popular eBook readers.

Free PDF to Word Converter Download: The functions

The functionality of the free PDF to Word Converter download is actually self-explanatory, but at this point the features of the PDF tools are mentioned, as it is praised by manufacturer Wondershare on its homepage:
  • The PDF to Word Converter creates perfect one-to-one copies of your PDF documents in Microsoft Word. Thus, even password-protected documents with set up print, copy or edit protection can be easily opened and edited in the writing program.
  • When converting from PDF to Word file, all text, graphics and other content are extracted and even the font sizes and formatting are adopted.
  • The PDF to Word Converter supports the conversion of PDFs into Word documents for Microsoft Office Word 2003, Word 2007 and Word 2010.
  • Password-protected PDF documents can also be opened, converted and edited via a practical dialog box after the password has been entered.
  • If you're planning something bigger, PDF to Word Converter batch processing can convert up to 200 PDF documents in one step.
  • Wondershare's PDF tool is multilingual and supports the languages ​​and fonts English, Turkish, Thai, Latin, Korean, Greek, Cyrillic, Arabic, Japanese and Chinese.

Thus, a previously exported to PDF normal Word document was converted by the freeware almost flawlessly back to the Office format. When converting a book prospect enriched with images and graphics, text was exposed as desired for editing, while the layout was easily reproduced with gaps. For example, superimposed graphics have been moved.
According to the manufacturer, it is also possible to convert a 100-page PDF document into a Word document within one minute. This is actually the case for simple text pages, but for more sophisticated layouts with built-in images, it usually takes longer and is also heavily dependent on the processing power of the computer being used.
Note: If you opt for the full version of Wondershare PDF to Word Converter, you can easily activate the free trial version with a key code sent to you. This gives you free updates and access to free technical support. There are a total of four types of licenses available: private, student, commercial or a multiple user license with multiple application areas.
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