Monday, March 4, 2019

Energizer P18K Pop in hands-on video: How much battery does a person need?

Energizer was previously known for batteries - and the smartphone P18K Pop remains true to the company. The capacity of the battery exceeds anything previously known. What we think of the bizarre smartphone with a huge battery, you see in hands-on video.
Energizer P18K Pop: Massive Smartphone with Monster Battery Viewed.
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Energizer P18K Pop: A powerbank with display?

With the Energizer P18K Pop, the group certainly had one of the most extraordinary smartphones at the Mobile World Congress 2019 in Barcelona. Whether it will be a success is at least questionable. Although the battery capacity with incredible 18,000 mAh is more than notable, but for the smartphone looks more like a brick. Whether it's even a smartphone or maybe simply as a power bank with display to call, we leave you.
After all, in addition to the huge battery, there is a second, certainly not expected highlight: The display is quite full-surface and dispenses with a recess on the upper edge for the selfie camera. Instead, the manufacturer actually relies on a pop-up camera that pulls out of the phone when needed.
Despite the massive dimensions, it was not enough for a classic headphone jack. Listening to music without interruption for weeks is only possible with wireless headphones or USB Type-C. Fortunately, a quick charge mode for the battery is included. Other devices should be able to draw power via the Energizer P18K Pop - just like a power bank.
What else is there to see at the Mobile World Congress 2019, you will learn in the photo gallery:

Mobile World Congress 2019: an overview of the trade fair highlights.

Energizer P18K pop for about 600 euros

Energizer wants to offer the brick mobile phone in summer for about 600 euros. Whether it will really come on the market, may at least be doubted. As early as 2018, a manufacturer's cell phone with a battery capacity of 16,000 mAh should go on sale. Unfortunately, it never appeared. The Energizer P18K Pop also has unresolved puzzles. Officially, the smartphone "only" about a thickness of 1.8 centimeters, but we expect at least 2.5 centimeters. Maybe the phone will take off a bit until the release.
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