Monday, March 4, 2019

High margin: That's how much Samsung pays for the components of the Galaxy S10 Plus

Samsung offers the Galaxy S10 Plus in Germany for the price of 1.249 euros. A proud sum for a mobile phone. But what does the smartphone actually cost the manufacturer? Only a fraction, as an analysis of the components now shows.
Samsung Galaxy S10 & S10 Plus in hands-on.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus costs only 369 euros

One preliminary: Samsung offers the Galaxy S10 Plus in Germany only with back of ceramic and 512 GB of internal memory  . In other European countries, the smartphone is also available with rear glass and 128 GB of internal memory for 999 euros. Exactly this model was disassembled and the prices for the components enumerated.
The prices for the individual parts of the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus with Exynos processor are as follows:
  • Processor: $ 70.50 (€ 62.14)
  • Battery: 10,50 US-Dollar (9,26 Euro)
  • Connectivity and Sensors: $ 14.00 ($ 12.34)
  • Cameras: $ 56.50 (€ 49.80)
  • Display: $ 86.50 (€ 76.24)
  • Memory: 50.50 US dollars (44.53 euros)
  • RF transceiver: $ 31.50 (27.79 euros)
  • Power Management and Audio: $ 7.00 (6.17 euros)
  • Other electronics: $ 29.50 (26.02 euros)
  • Mechanics and Case: $ 29.00 (25.58 euros)
  • Test, assembly and other material: 34,50 US-Dollar ( 30,43  Euro)
  • = 420.00 US-Dollars (about 369 Euro)
According to TechInsights , Samsung was able to save money through the falling prices and thus block more without having to pay more in comparison to the Galaxy S9 Plus. On the other hand, the Infinity-O-Display costs Samsung a bit more compared to its predecessor.
We looked at the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus in detail:

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus in pictures: That's how beautiful it looks.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus: Further costs

A total of 42 percent of the cost of the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus accounts for the hardware and assembly. Not included are the costs for development, software and support. A German Galaxy S10 Plus Samsung also costs a little more through the back of ceramic and the 512 GB of internal memory - but the company also requires 250 euros more from the customers.
In comparison: The iPhone XS Max costs $ 453.00 (399 euros) at a retail price of € 1,249 with 64 GB of internal memory. Apple's margin is even higher despite the higher price of the items. The predecessor, the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus, costs $ 379 (334 euros). Compared to the Galaxy S10 Plus but with less memory, RAM and cameras. The price for the smartphone has therefore increased for Samsung and the costs are passed on directly to the customers.
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