Friday, November 1, 2019

AndroRat v1.2 APK Free Download Latest for Android

AndroRat v1.2 APK Free Download (Latest) for Android

Download Androrat Binder APK for free of cost on android device from our site. So here we present an android spying app. This app is used for spying on android device of desired person. So here is the benefits of using this app as with use of Androrat APK you can get call logs, history and many other things using this app from desired person.
So may be you are excited to know how this app works so we will explain it for you below. But if you know how it works and are you in rush to use this app than go directly to the bottom of the post there we post the link and just click the link and download the app. So below we further explain how Androrat APK works. Androrat is app which works on client side. That means this app should be installed on the person device from which you want to spy. Now this app should also be install on hacker PC too as server side app. As the important data will be send from device to PC. So this app is written in java script and this language is quite difficult to understand except some prior knowledge.

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Androrat APK Features:

Can easily know about contacts info on device.

Using PC you can vibrate the mobile phone easily.
Can easily found calling info.
Can easily send messages using PC.
Know about exact location via GPS.
View live calls.
Listen sounds of streaming.
Always needs a PC.
Must need a fast working internet with a java script enabled PC to work properly.

Now we have described every thing about Androrat APK know download this app from below link and install it .

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