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Dragon Mania Legends 4.8.2b APK + MOD For Android

Dragon Mania Legends 4.8.2b APK

Dragon Mania Legends Apk a wonderful strategic game for the player who love to use mind. Dragon Mania legends mod Apk download from our site link is in description for Android. In Dragon Mania game you can build a farm for dragons so you feed them too. We have old version and new version too. For our users you will have mod and latest version of this game 4.8.2b as this file is given in uptodown, rexdl and on apkpure but you can also get on apkbless. So creativity is needed in this game to build structures for dragon to contain them. The best part of this game is you need train dragon and do some competition with each others the game is so interesting and it get little addictive. You can mate dragons and have their kids so your farm grows up. Dragon Mania Legends mod apk is a typical building game, as you know it from Facebook and other genre offshoots. The player has to rebuild Dragolandia, breed dragons and fight back the hostile Vikings. More than a hundred different types of kites can be discovered and there is no shortage of side tasks either. Dragon Mania Legends.

Dragon Mania Legends Features :


Dragon Mania Legends Apk

Dragon Mania Legends Mod has been released for Windows Phone and Windows 8 and has a cloud game status (attention, only possible with a Facebook account). So you can switch back and forth as often as you like and continue playing with your mobile phone or tablet when the other device is busy or not available. Unfortunately, all of the friends are also managed via Facebook. This means that if you have an Xbox Live player as a friend on Xbox Live, they won't be shown unless you are friends with them on Facebook. Because many people do not want to register on such platforms, this is of course a bit of a downer. In order to play the game, you also need a permanent internet connection to the Gameloft servers.

dragon mania legends apk mod

What is in Dragon Mania Legends Mod Apk

The newest game from Gameloft Dragon Mania Legends gives the player some freedom and a lot of scope to achieve all the goals. Unfortunately, so you have to say, you can get lost and maneuver yourself to the side if you plan to level your own kites or don't know what to expect in the campaign. In the course of the missions, the opposing dragons are getting stronger and sometimes you have to rely on friends who can support you in the fight with an additional dragon. If you do not have the necessary friends, you will have to level longer or breed a new kite that can take advantage of your opponents' weaknesses. In general, it is recommended that a dragon has three different elemental attacks if possible. In the later course of the game it is very important

Developer : Gameloft SE
Version : 4.8.2b
Google Play : PlayStore

Download Dragon Mania Legends v4.4.0d Mod (lots of money) Apk Free

Download dragon mania legends apk for android latest version from below link click the link to install and download the game and enjoy.

Conclusion Dragon Mania Legends Mod APK

I have to admit, Dragon Mania Legends enchanted me and kept me busy for the past two weeks. On the one hand this is because the game is really time intensive and on the other hand it is a lot of fun. Who the genre offshoots like World at Arms, Age of Sparta and co. already knows, knows what to expect in this game. In contrast to the games mentioned, Dragon Mania Legends shineswith an exciting kite breeding principle, which quickly ends in an "I absolutely have to have this and this kite". Although the game is time intensive, it is ideal for in between games. In a short break or when you have to wait for someone, you can quickly get the food or fight a few battles or start the next expansion. The strategic aspect gives the game a little more depth. However, this also has its downsides, so if you are not yet very familiar with the game, you can get lost and waste time trying to use the wrong tactics. It’s also nice that the campaign has 100 levels and if you don’t have enough of the title, you can plunge into the more difficult campaign battles that “

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