Sunday, December 15, 2019

HttpCanary (Premium) Apk v3.1.6 Download For Android

HttpCanary (Premium) Apk v3.1.6

HttpCanary Apk is a powerful HTTP / HTTPS / HTTP2 capture the packet and find program which is made only for the android devices. As you thought that it is fidler mobile. You dont need any rooting of mobile. As other apps do HttpCanary apk mod download is supportive to capture and package injection too. Now this app make it very easy to check device API. And also with this awesome feature HttpCanary Apk premium mod cracked you can check with different browsers, like hex display and preivew display and also other option too.

HttpCanary Premium Apk Features:

1. No ads.
2. HTTP request checks and injection.
3. Supporting duplicate, can make and copy cURL.
4. Some of best extensions available.
5. Best future performances for android
HttpCanary Apk

  • Support protocols: HTTP1.0, HTTP1.1, HTTP2.0, WebSocket and TLS / SSL.
  • Injection feature
  • View browsers
  • JSON viewer shows JSON formatted data, supports node expansion and collapse.
    Image Viewer, supports BPM, PNG, GIF, JPG, WEBP formats.
    Audio display, supports AAC, WAC, MP3, OGG, MPEG formats.
You can download HttpCanary from below link just click the link and download after that you can install this app on any android device as it is compatible on all android devices.
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