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JavPlayer Apk Download 1.02 For Android Latest Version

JavPlayer 1.02 Apk is a new japan music player you can download JavPlayer Android from our site at the bottom of this post we have given the download link to our user for free. If you want to know about some amazing feature of this app and settings then we have wrote some of features of JavPlayer Android 1.02 Apk in below.

how to use JavPlayer Android 1.02 Apk Feature :

This is a player that reduces mosaic in censored video in Japan

I think that `` mosaic removal '' is easier to convey, but the state before mosaic processing can not be restored
Sometimes AI (?) Method is sometimes used It
javplayer apk
seems that it takes a frustrating result or it takes 10 seconds to process one frame The device called the mosaic remover seems to be a thing that only made a strong blur and invisible the periphery of the mosaic
This application has accuracy and speed We are proud that we have reached a practical level in terms of the screen.

■ Easy operation
・ High-quality videos can usually be achieved by just playing them.
・ Most of the videos can be adjusted by adjusting some mosaic reduction parameters. valid

■ advanced technology
, image analyzes to measure the size of the rectangle that is included and scope of the mosaic
so as not to impair the detail in accordance with and measurement results Mosaic performs processing such as subdivision or blur
, even without a high-performance terminal can be processed in real time while playing a video of the full HD

■ various functions
· mp4, mkv, wmv, avi, such as in a variety of formats -Supports video-
General functions such as swipe seek, range specification loop, and color correction-
Auto-save settings for each video and auto-load at the next playback
-Mosaic reduction processing by performing the set for each scene obtained a sufficient effect in the long video full-length
, upper and lower division, left and right division, left and right division supports the VR video (fish-eye)

■ Notes
-If the video quality is too low, the mosaic cannot be detected and the effect cannot be obtained.
-If the background is a grid pattern like a shoji, the entire screen may be processed.
-DRM-protected videos cannot be played.

Download JavPlayer 1.02 Apk

Download javplayer 1.02 apk latest version android from below link and then install it on your android device after that enjoy app.

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