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Trinus VR Apk Download Latest Version V2.2.0 For Android

Trinus VR Apk Download

Download Trinus VR Apk V2.2.0 from our site below. we have given you link to download latest app from our site easily. Lets read about Trinus VR apk app in below post. Trinus VR is a Entertainment app developed by Odd Sheep. The latest version of Trinus VR is 2.2.0. It was released on. You can download Trinus VR 2.2.0 directly . Over 1507 users rating a average 4.4 of 5 about Trinus VR. More than 50 is playing Trinus VR right now. Coming to join them and download Trinus VR directly!
trinus vr apk

Trinus VR Apk Details

- Try the free version first, to verify that it works with your device (
-You will need to download the server for PC , available at
- This app is in continuous development. There are frequent updates with improvements and fixes
- To solve problems, use the forum at or contact [email protected] VR streams video to your Android and motion data (head tracking) to your PC so you can use your favorite PC games in Virtual Reality mode.
Using the equipment you already have, you can enjoy a VR experience similar to that of dedicated systems, for a fraction of the cost.You can find usage and download information of the server app at http: // Features:
- SteamVR support ( for games without RV control)
- Wireless transmission, allowing freedom of movement. Or ...
- Transmission via USB, for better performance
- Transmission of motion sensor data (headtracking). It currently supports mouse emulation, FreeTrack / TrackIR / Vireio RV protocols or the use of external applications (opentrack or FreePie)
- Fake3D mode (for games that do not support stereoscopic mode)
Lens distortion configuration to adjust to your viewfinder size
- Direct Wifi connection option (without router). This option does not work with all PCs. Use the alternative via router if it gives you problems
- Supports standard games and games for SteamVR Requirements:
- Windows computer (recommended high-end)
- Google Cardboard or similar (there are several good quality viewers available online

Download Trinus VR Apk 

- The server application, which you can download here: http: // Recommended:
- PC with i5 quad core CPU or higher
- Wifi AC router for wireless connection
- Mid-high range phone with gyroscope

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